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Major tourist attraction

The trip up the Trollstigen shows a masterpiece of engineering. But it is the magical nature that impresses the most. Surrounded by mastodons such as Bispen (1462 m), Kongen (1614 m) and Droninga (1544 m) in the west, and Stigbottshornet (1583 m) and Storgrovfjellet (1629 m) in the east, it is easy to feel small in the face of this mountain massif - your stomach quickly tingles when you look down at the valley floor.
Historically speaking, Trollstigen is an old mountain pass between Åndalsnes at the bottom of Romsdalen and Valldal on Indre Sunnmøre. An important reason for the connection over the Stega mountain was a large annual market at the farm Devoll. But it was only after the road opened in 1936 that Trollstigen became a favorite place to visit.

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