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You can contact us through this form for general inquiries and booking of a sightseeing tour. Please let us know date, time, number of persons and pick-up/destination location.

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Our Sightseeing Tours

Molde Taxi has organized trips to Varden, Atlanterhavsveien and Trollstigen, where a fixed price is given for the trip. We recommend ordering in advance. By pre-booking, you can get cars with English-speaking drivers, with knowledge for guiding. There is also a route in Molde if you want to see our city, with a fixed price for one hour of guiding.

On request, Lokaltaxi Molde Taxi can also create an itinerary for you, and make suggestions on destinations and prices.

City centre - Varden

City centre - Varden,
with 15 min. wait and return

Taxicruise Moldepanorama

Molde - Bud,
with 15 min. wait and return

Molde - Atlantic Road, with 15 min. wait and return

Molde - Åndalsnes/Trollstigen, with 60 min wait and return + ferry costs


Moldepanormaet, Molde Taxi
Varden, molde taxi
Bud, Molde taxi
Atlanterhavsveien, molde taxi
Trollstigen, molde taxi

The Molde panorama is the renowned panoramic view of some 222 partly snow-clad peaks, seen from the town of Molde in Molde Municipality in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway

From the Varden viewpoint (407 m.a.s.) there is a fantastic view over the town of Molde, the fjord with the islands, and the famous Molde panorama with its 222 partially snow-clad peaks.

Bud is a settlement and fishing village in Hustadvika municipality in Møre og Romsdal and is located at the far end of the Romsdal coast, with the well-known stretch of sea Hustadvika as its nearest neighbour. 

The Atlantic Road in Norway is referred to as the most beautiful journey in the world. With its eight bridges, the road meanders like a sea worm from Kårvåg on Averøya to Vevang at the mainland.

Trollstigen is an impressive road crossing that winds through 11 hairpin bends along steep mountain sides in Romsdalen. The Trollstigveien connects Åndalsnes with Valldal on Sunnmøre.

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Visit North West

In the Northwest, you can feel the great contrasts between fjords, mountains and sea. 

Rauma - Nesakla

Foto  FotoKnoff

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